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With our new photovoltaic cleaner Rivolta P.H.C. you clean your PV modules effectively and environmentally friendly. We also find the right solution for other components of your systems.


Clean energy for the future

"As the Energiewende continues renewable energies, such as hydroelectrics and solar power, wind and geothermal power, and regenerative resources are replacing fossil fuels. By 2050 renewable energies should make up 60 percent of the gross final consumption of energy, and 80 percent of the gross electricity consumption."
(Source: Federal Ministry of Education and Research)

Our goal is to keep the power output of the already existing plants as effective as possible. With our new photovoltaic cleaner Rivolta P.H.C., this is achieved effectively and in an environmentally friendly manner.


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Cleaning of PV modules

This video shows the exemplary application of our photovoltaic cleaner Rivolta P.H.C..

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PV module

  • Before/after comparison
  • Cleaning with Rivolta P.H.C. and well water

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