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Lubricants, cleaners, corrosion protection and maintenance products for every application field

For more than 50 years, the name Bremer & Leguil has stood for brand quality and expertise in the fields of specialty lubricants, cleaners, corrosion protection and maintenance products as well as NSF certified products. We support our customers from different industrial sectors, such as water management and energy supply with our wide product range and a comprehensive advisory service. In order to meet growing requirements and to ensure your work with our high quality products is as safe and efficient as possible, we are constantly working on development — for people, the environment and equipment.

Lubricants are needed in all areas of production processes and ensure the smooth running of processes in the manufacturing of countless products. The areas of application range from roller and plain bearings to sensitive lubricants for the food industry. Lubricants not only reduce wear and friction, they also have an influence on force transfer, corrosion, heat transfer and vibration damping.

Soiled machine parts, systems and surfaces are not only visually annoying, they can also bring the entire work process to a halt. Special cleaners are required to properly clean various materials in a wide variety of circumstances. For these jobs we can provide ultrapure solvent-based and water-based cleaning agents.
We offer both oily and wax-type products for the protection of plant and machinery. Our products provide protection in a wide variety of situations: from temporary surface preservation to long-term, close-down, interim and final preservatives, to preparation for outside storage or ocean shipment.

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