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Corrosion protection

No chance for corrosion

From temporary surface preservation through long-term preservation to outdoor storage or overseas transport.
We offer you the right anti-corrosion agents.

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Corrosion protection

Effective protection against corrosion

Corrosion is the substantial alteration of materials due to reaction with the environment and is a potential hazard with both economic and health consequences for the company and its staff. The process of corrosion depends on both the properties of the materials and the environmental influences they are subjected to. Corrosion processes are very varied and often complex. We provide both oily and wax-type products for the protection of plant and machinery. Our products provide protection in a wide variety of situations: from temporary surface preservation to long-term, close-down, interim and final preservatives, to preparation for outside storage or ocean shipment.

Oily corrosion protection is used for temporary surface preservatives. They form a thin film and can be applied quickly and easily. Equally comfortable they can be removed again, e.g. with products from our M.T.X.-series.

The use of waxy corrosion protection is necessary if equipment or components need to be protected over a long-term period. This is, inter alia, the case with long-term, decommissioning, intermediate and final conservation. The corrosion protection also serves to prepare an outdoor storage or overseas transport as well as the protection against moisture. We offer a wide selection.

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