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bremer & leguil coporate responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

Sustainable Behaviour for Environment and Health

Sustainability, environmental protection, health and safety are inseparable for us at Bremer & Leguil. We face the special responsibility of keeping environmental damage to a minimum, continuously reducing risks and to optimize processes: in the production, distribution and utilization of our products.

Our quality, environmental and security management begins with the careful use of resources
and follows through with the reduction of emissions to bring about a culture of low energy consumption and the development of more environmentally-friendly products.

Pioneer in "Food Safe Production (NSF)"

At Bremer & Leguil, we attach particular importance to food safety. In the field of the development of technical food lubrication (NSF-lubricants, NSF-cleaners etc.) and the corresponding certification, we are among the eight leading companies in the world.

Environmental protection is a top priority

Our management is responsible for our environmental policy and every member of staff has a duty to put it into practice. Bremer & Leguil has introduced an integrated management system, extending across all divisions of the company, for the constant analysis and improvement of processes affecting the environment. In August 2007, the system was certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001:2004. 

Climate neutral company

The Bremer & Leguil GmbH is CO2-neutral for the year 2020. CO2-neutrality was achieved by offsetting greenhouse gas emissions.


      Climate neutral company - Bremer & Leguil GmbH



Support with passion

As an international operating company we are aware of our social responsibilty and therfore support the following non-profit organisations.

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