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NSF-certified products

Food grade lubricants and cleaners

We offer you a wide range of NSF listed products for use in all sensitive industrial areas such as the food and beverage industry.

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NSF-certified products

Food grade lubrication and cleaning

Special regulations apply to the cleaning and lubrication of production systems in the food, feed and pharmaceutical industries. Since contact with the machines cannot be ruled out during the manufacture of the goods, the use of special health-safe products with NSF certification is essential. Since December 2010 we have been one of only a few companies worldwide to be certified according to DIN EN ISO 21469. This standard specifies hygiene requirements for lubricants with unpredictable product contact. Lubricants with NSF approval are 100% food-safe. All of our NSF certified products from Rivolta® and CASSIDA consist of purely fully synthetic raw materials.
The American NSF International—a non-profit organization for the standardization and certification in the areas of drinking water, food and health care—has divided products into different classes according to their type of use.

A1: describes cleaning products for the general, universal use in all areas as well as in production areas of the food industry.
K1: describes solvent cleaners which can be used in the food industry outside the production area.
K2: describes solventbased cleaning products for electrical and electronical installations and instruments.
H1: describes lubricants which can be used at critical points in the food industry, where an incidental, unscheduled contact of the lubricant with the food cannot be completely excluded.
3H: describes lubricants which act as a release agent where direct food contact is intended or technically necessary to stop the food from sticking during the manufactoring process. Thereby it acts as a lubricating film and release material.

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