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We already pay attention to safety for people and the environment when formulating our products. Innovative products at the cutting edge. This is firmly anchored in the philosophy of our company. That is why it is also particularly important to us to support various social and ecological projects with a donation. Read more here about small and large changes that can be realised with the help of our colleagues and customers.

 Colouring and workbook for cycle training helps you safely through road traffic

How do I behave correctly in road traffic? In order to teach children how to behave safely on bicycles, the "Verkehrswacht" (traffic watch) / "Jugendverkehrsschule" (youth traffic school) regularly conducts cycling training courses with primary school children. "K&L-Verlag" and "Verkehrswacht Duisburg e.V." have published a new child-friendly coloring and workbook with digital content and learning success control. We think: That's a good thing! That's why we support the project.
The book teaches children in the third and fourth grades about the dangers of road traffic in an age-appropriate and fun way, teaches correct behavior and prepares them for their bicycle test. They learn that traffic signs must be observed, when a bicycle is roadworthy and why it makes sense to wear a helmet when cycling. They are also taught the correct behavior in the event of a traffic accident.

A digital learning success check shows the children whether they have solved the tasks in the book correctly. Thanks to the support of many local companies, the coloring books and workbooks can be distributed free of charge to primary school children in Duisburg. A commitment that we are very happy to support.
Would you like to find out more about the project? You can find more information here:
Picture credits: Fig. @ K&L Verlag

13th December 2023

Donation for Riding Therapy

We are delighted that we were able to offer our support to the “LebensWert” (WorthLiving) project with a donation of 5,000 euros. “LebensWert” (WorthLiving) uses this money for individual riding therapies for disabled children and young people (ADHD). Unfortunately, the public sector does not fund these therapies. “Children and young people who have been able to take part in sessions for some time, are much more balanced. Their frustration threshold is now appropriate to their age. They have become calmer, more approachable and more understanding. Keeping your balance on a horse also means finding your own balance“, Father Tobias explains while handing over the cheque at our company. Frank Schnipper (Managing Director of Bremer & Leguil) is happy about our donation which helps to make sure that the project can go on.

30th October 2023

Donation for the Children’s Hospice

While we were exhibiting at the Gravel Games Fair in Herten at the end of September 2023, the three Italian guys from Segafredo supported us again. On September 23 and 24, there were coffee specialities during the bike event at the Ewald colliery. Visitors could thank the “Kinderhospizverein Recklinghausen” (Children’s Hospice Association Recklinghausen) for the warm delicacy with a donation. 
Finally, thanks to the charm of the three extroverted Italians, the donation sum topped last year’s total. This year, an incredible 878.17€ was raised, which B&L generously rounded up to 1,800€. 
We say THANK YOU, also to all colleagues who were on site.

5th October 2023

We support the Sucht- und Jugendhilfe e. V. (Association for addiction and youth welfare)

Drug abuse, radicalisation, hatred and hate speech on the internet are only a few of the topics that the “Sucht- und Jugendhilfe e. V.”  (Association for addiction and youth welfare) deal with. The association aims at picking up addiction issues and carrying out prevention work with adolescents and their caregivers.
As trainers, we know that young people of today are the future of tomorrow. As a company, we are aware of our social responsibility and support the “Sucht- und Jugendhilfe e.V.” (Association for addiction and youth welfare) in the form of guides.

22nd September 2023

Tricycles for the kindergarten Am Burgacker

The time had finally come on 11 September 2023. We could hand over two tricycles, which we had only been able to buy with the help of our employees, to the children from the kindergarten Am Burgacker. We would like to take this opportunity to say “Thank you” again to everybody who donated so generously at our company’s staff day. The children were really joyful. They sang a serenade and had designed a picture for us, which hangs in the CEO assistant's office and can be viewed with pleasure. Many, many thanks.

20th September 2023

Fire Protection Education for Primary School Children

Colour- and workbooks can save lives. We are in! Fire is warmth, light and cosiness – and yet fire can become a life-threatening, destructive danger! The fascination for the exciting, flickering element of fire is, especially for our children, fatal over and over again: If curiosity meets a lack of risk awareness, accidental fires, injuries and worse things ensue.
How to react if there is a fire? To find an answer that is serves children is an aim of the “Freundeskreis der Berufsfeuerwehr Duisburg e.V.” (Association of Friends of the Duisburg Fire Brigade) and the K & L publishing house. Together, they published a colour- and workbook that is easy to understand for girls and boys of primary school age. We think: That is a good thing! We therefore support this project. Together with experts from fire brigades, we developed the new fire-prevention book “Sicher mit Feuer und Flamme” (Safe with fire and flame).

The book contains information, which is easy to remember, instructive exercises and loving illustrations. Primary school children will be able to understand and deepen their awareness of fire protection taught by fire brigades while completing the exercises at home or at school. Additional digital content such as videos or learning outcome checks which are available using latest AR-technology and a free app also make the book a thrilling experience!
The innovative “Kinderfinder”- (“Find our children”-) stickers can also save lives and are issued together with the book. Being put at the children’s room doors, the stickers show the rescue teams their way to these young family members in case of emergency. Especially children depend on help in dangerous situations and often hide themselves in cupboards or under their beds. Primary school children can receive these workbooks for free with the support of many local companies. A commitment we are happy to support. 

Would you like to learn more about the project? There is a short clip here of the Fire Brigade Hamburg and more information concerning the project: 

11th August 2023

First-Aid Kit for the TSV Neu-Ulm

Our employee Andreas Wohlgschaft informed us that that the club TSV Neu-Ulm urgently needed a first-aid kit. We agreed to provide the kit. It’s great if we were able to make the club happy.

29th June 2023