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S.L.X. Rapid Spray-RIVOLTA Cleaners von Bremer & Leguil

S.L.X. Rapid Spray

Universal rapid cleaner

Cleaning of electrical and electronic components, such as e.g. conductor plates, potentiometers, electrical switch gears, equipment, electrical dressings and machines. The universal cleaner for the food- feed- and pharmaceutical industry. In general for solving of oily and greasy soilings, dust deposits, labels or adhesive residues. pid

Key Benefits of S.L.X. Rapid Spray

  • NSF-K1 and NSF-K2 listed
  • For an efficient cleaning of machine components
  • Cleaners for bearing assembly
  • Cleaning of fiction hub
  • Cleaning of spindles and fittings                                                                                                                                                          

Parameters of Category

  • 400 ml spray can

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