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P.H.C.-RIVOLTA Cleaners von Bremer & Leguil
P.H.C.-RIVOLTA Cleaners von Bremer & Leguil
P.H.C.-RIVOLTA Cleaners von Bremer & Leguil
P.H.C.-RIVOLTA Cleaners von Bremer & Leguil


Photovoltaic cleaner

Rivolta P.H.C. is a material-friendly, highly efficient and easily biodegradable* cleaning concentrate for removing dirt from photovoltaic systems. P.H.C. is based on a combination of special active ingredients, each of which gently removes various residues and soiling, e.g. dust, pollen, soot, bird droppings, green coatings, road dirt and other environmental deposits from PV modules.
Extensive material compatibility tests were carried out for Rivolta P.H.C. by the Fraunhofer-Institute in order to analyse possible risks for PV modules when wetted with the cleaning agent. No impairment of the tested functionalities of the photovoltaic modules due to chemical interactions as a result of contact with Rivolta P.H.C. is to be expected during the entire service life.

  • ecologically

The benefits of Rivolta P.H.C.

  • Tested material compatibility by Fraunhofer-Institute
  • Easily biodegradable (according to OECD guideline)*
  • Economical concentrate
  • Excellent cleaning effect
  • Reduces resoiling
  • Not subject to labelling according to CLP

Parameters of Category

  • 10 l, 20 kg canister

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