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K.S.P. 305 R Spray-RIVOLTA Corrosion protection von Bremer & Leguil

K.S.P. 305 R Spray

Corrosion protection wax red

The waxy, red colored, fully synthetic and free of silicone corrosion protection spray. Product for the mean- and long-term conservation of injection moulds and tools as well as the corrosion protection of extruder snail for the time of storage. K.S.P. 305 R is the red pigmented version of K.S.P. 305.

Key benefits of K.S.P. 305 R

  • Special product assembly avoids the intrusion in rear cutting
  • Accurate application through the aerosol spray
  • Rapid removability through few injection process
  • Safety protection of tools

Parameters of Category

  • 400 ml spray can

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