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S.I.L. Spray-RIVOLTA NSF-certified products von Bremer & Leguil

S.I.L. Spray

Silicone oil

The multifunctional silicone spray for the food industry for the treatment of the tribological pairings metal-plastics, plastics-plastics and rubber-rubber. As slide- and release agent for transport bounds, sliding boards, guidances, cutter as well as moisture proofings and care of cleaned surfaces.

Key Benefits of S.I.L. Spray

  • NSF-3H & NSF-H1 listed
  • Excellent maintenance and protection properties
  • Perfect lubricating effect
  • Variations of temperature cause only very low change of viscosity
  • Wide operative temperature range
  • High dielectric strength

Parameters of Category

  • 400 ml spray can

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