S.L.X. Rapid Spray

Universal rapid cleaner

Cleaning of electrical and electronic components, such as e.g. conductor plates, potentiometers, electrical switch gears, equipment, electrical dressings and machines.

Parameters of Category

  • 400 ml spray-can
S.L.X. Rapid Spray-RIVOLTA Cleaner / Cleaners for zero-potential applications von Bremer & Leguil

The universal cleaner for the food- feed- and pharmaceutical industry. In general for solving of oily and greasy soilings, dust deposits, labels or adhesive residues. pid

Key Benefits of S.L.X. Rapid Spray

  •  For an efficient cleaning of machine components
  • Cleaners for bearing assembly
  • Cleaning of fiction hub
  • Cleaning of spindles and fittings                                                                                                                                                          


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cleaning agent and are particularly suitable for the quick
and easy removal of dirt from water-resistant surfaces.




Parameters of Category

  • Roll of 70 wet wipes in foil bag

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